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If you’re looking for an Arches map, you’ve come to the right place; currently I’ve collected 15 free Arches National Park maps to view and download. (PDF files and external links will open in a new window.) Here you’ll find some trail maps and a map of surrounding campgrounds, to go along with the official park brochure and topographic maps. You can also browse the best-selling Arches maps and guidebooks on Amazon.

If you want trip-planning tips, view my opinionated Arches Maps and Guide page to read my detailed personal advice about how to best use each map to plan your visit to the park.

Arches map from the park brochures

Arches mapThis is the new Arches map, most recently updated in summer 2015. It’s similar to the one below but more colorful (and larger file size). Click the image to view a full size JPG (1.6 mb) or download the PDF (10.4 mb).

The full park map is also available as a high-quality art poster print from the NPMaps Arches store.

Arches National Park map thumbnailThis is the main Arches National Park map, showing roads, hiking trails, campgrounds, and various named arches. Click the image to view a full size JPG (1.2 mb) or download the PDF (2.6 mb).

Arches simple mapThis is a simple map of Arches National Park (200 kb), showing roads, hiking trails, overlooks, and various named arches just like the maps above, but in an easier-to-print format (without relief shading).

Since Arches is full of a few major visitor areas separated by some expanses of slightly less interest, I’ve cropped down the full park map into four individual maps below. This way instead of printing/saving the entire national park map, you can download just the specific areas of the park you plan to visit. They’re arranged here in order from south to north as you encounter them on your way into the park.

Arches Park Avenue mapThis Park Avenue map (90 kb) shows the 1-mile Park Avenue trail as it walks along Wall Street, Courthouse Towers, and other beautiful rock formations. Hike it one way and get picked up on the other end!

Arches Windows mapHere’s a Windows map (70 kb) which shows several arches accessible by short hikes (and can also be viewed from the road) including Turret Arch, Double Arch, and the North and South Windows.

Arches Delicate Arch mapThe Delicate Arch map (100 kb) shows the short hikes to the Delicate Arch viewpoints as well as the more strenuous 1.5-mile trail that leads to its base. Also here is the Fiery Furnace Overlook.

Arches Devils Garden mapThis Devils Garden map (120 kb) includes the entire loop hike that passes Landscape Arch, Navajo Arch, and Double O Arch. It also shows the arches accessible from the Devils Garden Campground, like Sand Dune Arch.

Arches hiking maps

Purchase trail map from AmazonPurchase trail map from AmazonIf you’re looking for an Arches trail map that covers the entire park, you should probably go with the National Geographic Trails Illustrated map from Amazon. Although there’s not necessarily a ton of backcountry hiking options in the park, the wide variety of different day hikes means a comprehensive trail map like this is quite useful. The display of distances between points is a particularly nice touch.

Arches Devils Garden mapThis is the Devils Garden Trail hiking map (100 kb), showing the main trail to Landscape Arch, Partition Arch, and other rock formations. Hike it one way to Double O Arch or do the whole loop if it’s not too hot.

Arches backpacking map 2017Here’s a 2017 Arches backpacking map (250 kb), which supercedes the one below for the time being. 2017 is full of road construction, meaning there’s no overnight parking in Arches.

Arches backpacking mapThis old Arches backpacking map (75 kb) shows legal camping zones in Arches before 2017. For 2017’s road construction, the regulations have changed, and it’s unknown whether these regs will resume afterward.

Arches lodging map

Interactive Arches lodging mapIf you’re visiting Arches, you’ll definitely be staying in Moab — the outdoors Mecca just outside the park. To the right you can open a interactive lodging map for Moab and can filter based on ratings or price. Or, you might instead want to browse Expedia reviews of the best-rated Moab lodging (or to compare photos and reviews. Or read TripAdvisor lodging reviews to see more options.

Arches and Moab camping map

Arches National Park camping map thumbnailThis map shows campgrounds nearby Arches National Park (500 kb). This is particularly helpful  when the Devils Garden Campground is full, which is pretty much all the time during spring and fall.

Arches topographic maps

Devils Garden topo mapHere’s a Devil’s Garden topographic map, showing the Devils Garden trail and arches in the general area. Click the image to view a full size JPG (2.1 mb) or download the PDF (10.0 mb).

Arches Windows topo mapThe Windows topo map shows the Windows section of Arches, along with parts of Wall Street and the Fiery Furnace. Click the image to view a full size JPG (2.5 mb) or download the PDF (12.1 mb).

Arches land cover map

Arches National Park vegetation mapThis Arches National Park vegetation map (800 kb) shows the different types of plant communities that grow in Arches – juniper woodlands, desert scrub, shrublands, etc. Also, where there’s nothing but bare rock.

Arches map prints and gifts

Arches National Park map mugArches National Park map posterPrinted high-resolution Arches map posters and other products are available at the Arches National Park Maps store. For art prints, gift ideas, and souvenirs featuring other national parks, support this site and visit the National Park Maps store; you’ll find items to bring on vacation, keep at home for the memories, or give to your park-enthusiast friends and loved ones.

…and more!

View my opinionated Arches Maps and Guide page to read my detailed personal advice about how to best use each map to plan your visit to the park.

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