Lake Powell Maps

If you’re looking for a Lake Powell map, you’ve come to the right place; currently I’ve collected 19 free Lake Powell maps (Glen Canyon National Recreation Area) to view and download. (PDF files and external links will open in a new window.) The maps here focus on individual locations on Lake Powell, but you’ll also find a full-park map. You can also browse the best-selling Lake Powell maps and guidebooks on Amazon.

Note that Lake Powell is a part of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and a few more maps of the park are available on the Glen Canyon maps page. I created this separate page just for Lake Powell maps since many visitors aren’t aware that the national park unit is officially called Glen Canyon.

Lake Powell map from the park brochure

Lake Powell mapHere’s the Lake Powell map from the official Glen Canyon brochure, ranging from Page in the south to beyond Hite to the north. Click the image to view a full size JPG (2.3 mb) or download the PDF (7.8 mb).

Lake Powell detail maps

Purchase Lake Powell map from AmazonPurchase Lake Powell map from AmazonThe maps on this page work well for very general trip planning, but they’re not going to help you for navigating on Lake Powell. For that, you’d want something like this National Geographic Trails Illustrated map, which shows Lake Powell in extra detail as well as the surrounding topography and hiking trails in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

Following are maps of the various Lake Powell developed areas (in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area), arranged approximately in order from south to north.

Lake Powell Page Wahweap mapThis overview map of Page and Wahweap (300 kb) shows the busy marinas and tourist areas near the Glen Canyon Dam and Carl Hayden Visitor Center around the town of Page, AZ.

Lake Powell Wahweap mapHere’s a detailed Wahweap map (150 kb), which is a busy location on Lake Powell and features a resort, campground, picnic area, docks, and multiple launch ramps on the Utah/Arizona border.

Lake Powell Wahweap color mapAlternatively, this color Wahweap map (400 kb) looks a bit nicer to view on screen although it’s going to use more ink if you print it. It also shows the layout of the marina vicinity in more detail than the map above.

Lake Powell Lone Rock Beach mapHere’s a Lone Rock Beach map (400 kb), which is a primitive tent-only campground northwest of the busy Wahweap area. This map includes the showers, toilets, and camping area.

Lake Powell Antelope Point mapThe Antelope Point map (120 kb) includes the parking lots and launch ramps at this marina located a bit northeast of the town of Page. It also labels some lake restrictions, such as no-wake zones.

Lake Powell Bullfrog Halls Crossing mapHere’s a Bullfrog and Halls Crossing map (150 kb), showing an overview of these two major tourist areas, including the ferry route between the two locations across Lake Powell.

Lake Powell Crossing mapThis is a Halls Crossing map (100 kb), featuring points of interest such as the campground, boat ramps, ferry dock, stores, boat rentals, showers, restrooms, gas station, and more.

Lake Powell Bullfrog mapThis Bullfrog Marina map (300 kb) shows this major mid-lake location in great detail – stores, rentals, ferry dock, campground, picnic area, visitor center, and so on.

Lake Powell Hite mapHere’s a Hite map (80 kb), showing the only place a bridge crosses Lake Powell in the entirety of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. This is the quiet end of Lake Powell, far from the hustle and bustle near Page.

Lake Powell Hite area mapThis map of Hite (150 kb) focuses on the developed facilities, including the visitor center, shoreline camping, campground, and launch ramps. The Lake Powell water level really impacts the experience here.

Lake Powell campground map

Lake Powell Wahweap Campground mapHere’s a Wahweap Campground map (300 kb), showing the basic layout of the tent sites and RV loops as well as the restrooms, showers, laundry, amphitheater, and campground store.

Rainbow Bridge maps

Rainbow Bridge mapThis is the official National Park Service Rainbow Bridge map, showing the monument’s location along Lake Powell and Glen Canyon. Click the image to view a full size JPG (300 kb) or download the PDF (200 kb).

Rainbow Bridge topo mapHere’s a Rainbow Bridge topo map (4.4 mb), which zooms in to show the elevation contours. Note that the current Lake Powell level might be quite a bit different than this map.

Lake Powell restrooms map

Lake Powell restrooms mapThe Lake Powell restrooms map (400 kb) has a funny name but is really quite helpful to locate the floating restrooms and waste dumps while you’re out-and-about on the reservoir.

Lake Powell geologic maps

Glen Canyon geologic map (south)This is the south Lake Powell geologic map (2.2 mb), focusing on the area around Glen Canyon Dam and the southernmost marinas on Lake Powell like Wahweap and Antelope Point.

Glen Canyon geologic map (central)Here’s a central geologic map of Lake Powell (2.5 mb), showing the central part of the lake, including Halls Crossing and Dangling Rope marinas and the San Juan Arm near the center of the recreation area.

Glen Canyon geologic map (north)This north Lake Powell geologic map (2.3 mb) shows Hite and the rest of Glen Canyon National Recreation area to the north, including Cataract Canyon and the Colorado River.

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