Cedar Breaks Maps

If you’re looking for a Cedar Breaks map, you’ve come to the right place; currently I’ve collected 8 free Cedar Breaks National Monument maps to view and download. (PDF files and external links will open in a new window.) These maps show both Cedar Breaks National Monument and also the surrounding lands on Dixie National Forest, where you’ll find a lot of recreational opportunities. You can also browse the best-selling Cedar Breaks maps and guidebooks on Amazon.

Cedar Breaks map from the park brochure

Cedar Breaks mapHere’s the official Cedar Breaks map, which shows the park’s roads, overlooks, trails, named features, and visitor center. Click the image to view a full size JPG (550 kb) or download the PDF (2.0 mb).

Cedar Breaks geologic map

Cedar Breaks geologic mapThe Cedar Breaks geologic map (400 kb) includes both recent surficial deposits and also older bedrock such as the beautiful Claron Formation, which makes up the incredible formations Cedar Breaks is famous for.

Dixie National Forest maps

Dixie National Forest map (north)This is a north Dixie National Forest map (1.7 mb), showing all the roads, campgrounds, and trails northeast of Cedar Breaks. Highway 143 accesses a few campgrounds in the area around Panguitch Lake.

Dixie National Forest map (south)This is a south Dixie National Forest map (1.8 mb), showing the main park access road (Highway 14) and small forest service roads east and southeast of Cedar Breaks, including an inset around Navajo Lake.

Dixie National Forest map (north)Here is a printable north Dixie National Forest map (900 kb), showing the area northeast of Cedar Breaks (like the one above) but in black-and-white, which makes for much easier printing.

Dixie National Forest map (south)Here is a printable south Dixie National Forest map (1.5 mb), including the Duck Lake area and Navajo Lake. It overlaps with the map above quite a bit and includes the Panguitch Lake area campgrounds.

Cedar Breaks forest map

Cedar Breaks forest mapThe Cedar Breaks vegetation map (450 kb) identifies the various forest types inside Cedar Breaks National Monument, as well as areas of bare rock, grasslands, shrubs, and woodlands.

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