Sleeping Bear Dunes Maps

If you’re looking for a Sleeping Bear Dunes map, you’ve come to the right place; currently I’ve collected 28 free Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore maps to view and download. (PDF files and external links will open in a new window.) Here you’ll find tons of maps showing hiking and ski trails on mainland Michigan as well as the Manitou islands. You can also browse the best-selling Sleeping Bear Dunes maps and guidebooks on Amazon.

Sleeping Bear Dunes map from the official brochure

Sleeping Bear Dunes mapHere is the main Sleeping Bear Dunes map which shows the points of interest on the mainland as well as the Manitou Islands. Click the image to view a full size JPG (700 kb) or download the PDF (6.5 mb).

Mainland Sleeping Bear Dunes maps

Sleeping Bear Dunes trailhead mapThis is a Sleeping Bear Dunes trailhead map (200 kb), showing the location of each main trailhead in the mainland part of Sleeping Bear Dunes. Maps of the Manitou Islands are found further below.

Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail mapHere’s a Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail map (400 kb), showing the length of the trail from Good Harbor Trailhead in the north to Manning Road Trailhead to the south, labeling the distance between points of interest.

Platte River Campground mapThe Platte River Campground map (500 kb) shows the large car-accessible campground located on the southern end of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, labeling restrooms, water, and facilities.

sleeping-bear-dunes-white-pine-campground-map-thumbHere’s a White Pine Backcountry Campground map (200 kb), located in the Platte Plains area of the park. This map shows the six campsites, fire ring, and restrooms.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Valley View campground mapThe Valley View Backcountry Campground map (150 kb) shows the five campsites, two fire rings, and restrooms in this primitive campground in the northeastern part of the park. Bring all your own water!

Sleeping Bear Dunes lodging map

For staying overnight near the park, you have a few options; to the right you can open a interactive lodging map showing your nearest choices. (For more selection, you can zoom out and scroll east to Traverse City.) You might also want to browse Expedia’s top-rated Sleeping Bear Dunes lodging (or’s) where you can compare reviews and prices of places nearby (there’s no lodging in the park).

Sleeping Bear Dunes hiking and ski maps

Following are a variety of hiking and ski trail maps located on mainland Michigan in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. They are arranged roughly northeast to southwest.

Good Harbor Bay hike and ski trail mapThe Good Harbor Bay hiking and skiing map (300 kb) is in the northeastern part of the park and shows the 2.8-mile loop leaving from Lake Michigan Road near the picnic area. It’s rated as an easy ski trail.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Pyramid Point trail mapThe Pyramid Point trail map (70 kb) covers the northernmost point on the Michigan mainland in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. You can make a nice loop hike here, though there is no maintained ski trail.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Alligator Hill mapHere’s an Alligator Hill map (600 kb), showing the ski trails labeled with a variety of difficulty levels along with a suggested direction to travel. You’ll find easy, intermediate, and advanced ski trails here.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Bay View mapThis Bay View hiking and ski trail map (450 kb) displays the trails near Thoreson Road, overlooking Sleeping Bear Bay from the east. Here you can also find ski routes of all difficulty levels.

Sleeping Bear Dunes trail mapThis is a Dunes Trail map (450 kb), focusing on the main Sleeping Bear Dunes trails on Sleeping Bear Point (including the Dune Climb). This is a very popular part of the park and a great place to experience dunes.

Windy Moraine hiking and ski trail mapThe Windy Moraine ski and hiking trail map (200 kb) shows the Advanced Loop – a relatively difficult ski trail that involves some steep downhill and sharp curves. It’s best to stay away if you’re a beginner.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Shauger Hill trail mapThe Shauger Hill hiking trail map (200 kb) covers the 2.4-mile loop that departs from the parking area and kiosk off Stocking Scenic Drive. It’s recommended to take this route in a clockwise direction.

Empire Bluff trail mapHere’s the Empire Bluff trail map (400 kb), showing the three-quarters mile trail (one way) leading to the edge of the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. You’ll get some amazing views here!

sleeping-bear-dunes-platte-plains-hiking-ski-trail-map-thumbThe Platte Plains map (500 kb) focuses on the hiking and ski trails located in the area near Otter Lake, Bass Lake, and the White Pine backcountry campground. These are mostly easy ski trails.

Old Indian hike and ski trail mapThe Old Indian hiking and ski trail map (350 kb) is in the southwestern-most area of the park and shows the Green Arrow Loop and Black Arrow Loop — the Black Arrow being the more difficult one.

South Manitou Island maps

South Manitou Island mapThis South Manitou Island map (500 kb) shows the campgrounds, trails, water spouts, shipwrecks, and sights to see on this island only accessible by ferry. (Thanks to Phizzy on Wikipedia for the map.)

South Manitou Island topo mapHere’s a South Manitou Island topographic map from the USGS, showing the topography and lay of the land in great detail. Click the image to view a full size JPG (950 kb) or download the PDF (14.2 mb).

Manitou Bay Campground mapHere’s a Bay Campground map (250 kb), showing the sites, fire rings, water availability, trails, and restrooms located in this campground in along the east shoreline of South Manitou Island.

Manitou Popple Campground mapThe Popple Campground map (150 kb) shows the seven separate campsites (and one restroom) located on the north shore of South Manitou Island. Also shown is the beach access trail.

Manitou Weather Station Campground mapThis Weather Station Campground map (500 kb) shows the individual campsites in the two separate camping areas in this campground located on the south shoreline of South Manitou Island.

North Manitou Island maps

North Manitou Islands trail mapThe North Manitou Island trail map (300 kb) shows the campgrounds, trails, and points of interest across the island radiating out from the village dock. Trail labels include distances between junctions.

North Manitou Island topo mapHere’s a North Manitou Island topographic map, showing topo lines and the extensive network of trails across the island. Click the image to view a full size JPG (1.5 mb) or download the PDF (14.6 mb).

Various Sleeping Bear Dunes maps

Sleeping Bear Dunes features mapThe Sleeping Bear Dunes features map (300 kb) identifies both natural landforms (forests, dunes, lakes) as well as human structures like lighthouses. This and the following maps include the Manitou Islands too.

Sleeping Bear Dunes land type mapHere’s a Sleeping Bear Dunes land type map (300 kb) that shows the different landforms that are found on the surface of the park — sand dunes, ridges, plains, etc. There’s much more than dunes here!

Sleeping Bear Dunes land cover mapThe Sleeping Bear Dunes land cover map (350 kb) identifies specifically what makes up the ground surface in all areas of the park and surrounding area – sand, grass, forest, water, roads, farms, etc.

Sleeping Bear Dunes geology mapThis Sleeping Bear Dunes simple geologic map (200 kb) shows the basic rocks, soils, and glacial features that make up the park lands and surrounding region. Besides sand, you’ll mostly find silt and clay.

…and more!

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