Mount Rushmore Maps

If you’re looking for a Mount Rushmore map, you’ve come to the right place; currently I’ve collected 8 free Mount Rushmore National Memorial maps to view and download. (PDF files and external links will open in a new window.) Here you’ll find maps specific to Mount Rushmore as well as ones showing its surrounding area in the Black Hills. You can also browse the best-selling Mount Rushmore maps and guidebooks on Amazon.

Mount Rushmore brochure maps

Mt Rushmore mapHere’s the brand new official Mount Rushmore map (2.7 mb), showing all the visitor services and trails from a three-dimensional perspective of the entire Mount Rushmore National Memorial landscape.

Mount Rushmore mapThis is the regional Mount Rushmore map (150 kb) from the brochure, showing the park in relation to the surrounding Black Hills area parks and cities – Badlands, Wind Cave, Custer State Park, Rapid City, etc.

Mount Rushmore trail map

Purchase Black Hills map from AmazonPurchase Black Hills map from AmazonIf you’re doing hikes around Mount Rushmore and at other places in the Black Hills, you should probably grab the National Geographic Trails Illustrated map for the southern Black Hills. It also covers other national and state park sites including Wind Cave, Jewel Cave, Custer State Park, and other locations in the Black Hills. A Black Hills North map is also available for your further Black Hills wanderings.

Detailed Mount Rushmore maps

Mount Rushmore 2016 detail mapThis is the most recent detailed Mount Rushmore map (500 kb), zooming in on the monument and showing the buildings and facilities as well as the loop trail that takes you right to the base of the presidents.

Mount Rushmore detail mapHere is a older Mount Rushmore map (400 kb) that shows the parking, trails, visitor center, amphitheater, and viewing areas inside the park. It also labels the staircases on the Presidential Trail.

Regional Mount Rushmore map

Mount Rushmore regional mapHere’s another regional map of Mount Rushmore (500 kb), showing the roads, trails, and points of interest in the Black Hills area surrounding Mount Rushmore in much more detail than the map above.

Mount Rushmore lodging map

Mount Rushmore lodging mapIf you want to stay as near to Mount Rushmore as possible, check out the town of Keystone; to the right is a interactive lodging map showing your options. Rapid City is the nearest big town, but it’s about 30 minutes away. If you’d like to browse reviews, I’ve provided a link to Expedia’s top-rated Mount Rushmore lodging (or’s), where you can also see photos and prices.

Scientific Mount Rushmore maps

Mount Rushmore geologic mapThe Mount Rushmore geologic map (900 kb) includes the rock layers both inside the park as well as in the surrounding area of the Black Hills. Since it’s the Black Hills, you’ll of course find lots of granite.

Mount Rushmore vegetation mapThe Mount Rushmore vegetation map (170 kb) shows the types of land cover inside the memorial lands and also nearby in the surrounding region – ponderosa pine forest, oak forest, and so on.

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