Yosemite Maps

If you’re looking for a Yosemite map, you’ve come to the right place; currently I’ve collected 73 free Yosemite National Park maps to view and download. (PDF files and external links will open in a new window.) Here you’ll find both summer and winter trail maps, as well as maps from every campground and the overall park brochure maps. You can also browse the best-selling Yosemite maps and guidebooks on Amazon.

Yosemite maps from the park brochures

Yosemite National Park map thumbnailThis is the main Yosemite park map showing Yosemite trails, roads, campgrounds, and visitor services. Click the image to view a full size JPG (1.9 mb) or download the PDF (11 mb).

The full park map and Yosemite Valley map are both available as art poster prints from the NPMaps Yosemite store.

Yosemite Valley map thumbnailThis is the Yosemite Valley map showing the developed areas and trails of Yosemite Valley in greater detail. Click the image to view the full size JPG (800 kb) or download the PDF (300 kb).

Yosemite trail maps

Purchase trail map from AmazonPurchase trail map from AmazonIf you’re doing Yosemite just by car, the free maps below will be sufficient. If you’re doing a lot of hiking or any overnight trip, you’ll want to purchase a detailed trail map, such as the National Geographic Trails Illustrated map or the fantastic Tom Harrison map.  Neither of these maps is detailed enough for off-trail travel, so you’ll want the large-scale Trails Illustrated four-pack bundle if you’re heading cross-country.

Yosemite Valley hiking map thumbnailThis is the Yosemite Valley trail map (700 kb), showing the popular Yosemite Valley hikes including Yosemite Falls, Half Dome, Vernal Fall, Nevada Fall, Mirror Lake, Valley Loop, and Bridalveil Fall.

Yosemite National Park Glacier Point area hiking map thumbnailThis is the Glacier Point area trail map (750 kb), showing Glacier Point Road area hiking trails including Sentinel Dome, Taft Point, Dewey Point, and Ostrander Lake. (Sentinel Dome and Taft Point are my favorites.)

Yosemite National Park Tuolumne Meadows hiking map thumbnailThis is the Tuolumne Meadows trail map (200 kb), which includes shuttle bus stops, Lembert Dome, and Soda Springs. Please note that this map isn’t to scale, as the two maps above are.

Yosemite Hetchy Hetchy trail mapHere’s a Hetch Hetchy trail map (120 kb), which shows the main trails to the various waterfalls (Wapama, Rancheria), lakes, and peaks. The trail along the reservoir is mostly flat – the others involve more elevation.

Yosemite National Park Crane Flat hiking map thumbnailThis Crane Flat/White Wolf trail map (800 kb) features hikes off western Tioga Road including North Dome, Tuolumne Grove, Harden Lake, May Lake, and Lukens Lake. Of these, North Dome is my favorite.

Yosemite National Park Wawona hiking map thumbnailHere’s a Wawona trail map (700 kb), including the trails in the Wawona area such as Chilnualna Falls, Meadow Loop, and the Mariposa Grove. The map below zooms in on the grove with much more detail.

Yosemite National Park Mariposa Grove hiking map thumbnailHere’s a Mariposa Grove trail map (100 kb), showing trails to the Grizzly Giant, California Tunnel Tree, and more. (The Mariposa Grove is currently closed for restoration and will reopen later in 2017.)

Yosemite trailhead mapThis is the Yosemite wilderness trailhead map (2.2 mb), labeling all the trails that are reservable for an overnight wilderness permit (walk-in permits are also available). Get your permit early.

Various Yosemite Valley maps

Yosemite Village mapHere’s a Yosemite Village map (300 kb), showing the main developed area of Yosemite Valley that includes the visitor center, post office, wilderenss center, Ansel Adams Gallery, village store, and housing.

Curry Village mapThis Curry Village map (200 kb) reveals the complex, chaotic nature of the Curry Village (aka “Half Dome Village”) area. You WILL probably get lost, but that’s OK – that’s really the best way to learn.

Yosemite Lodge mapThe Yosemite Lodge map (130 kb) shows the mid-range lodging option in Yosemite Valley – a step up from Curry Village but not the luxury prices of the Ahwahnee. This is your closest lodging option to Yosemite Falls.

Happy Isles mapThis Happy Isles map (150 kb) includes the Happy Isles Nature Center and the main trails along the Merced River, including the beginning of the Mist Trail and John Muir Trail. Enjoy the lack of cars here!

Yosemite National Park Yosemite Valley shuttle bus map thumbnailThis is a Yosemite Valley shuttle bus map. This map shows the year-round route as well as the two summer-only shuttles. Click the image to view a full size JPG (500 kb) or download the PDF (350 kb).

Yosemite parking mapHere’s a Yosemite Valley parking map (150 kb), showing the various parking areas in Yosemite Valley. Expect traffic if you’re visiting in the summer or on a weekend, so arrive early and use the bus!

Yosemite Valley accessibility mapThis is an accessible Yosemite Valley map (150 kb), showing the accessible parking areas and trails within Yosemite Valley (suitable for wheelchairs). You need a blue placard to park in the accessible spots.

Yosemite panorama mapThe Yosemite panorama map (1.1 mb) shows an artistic representation of Yosemite National Park with a focus on Yosemite Valley. This isn’t useful for navigating, but it’s too beautiful not to share.

Yosemite Valley cross sectionThis Yosemite Valley cross-section (40 kb) isn’t really a map, but it’s so cool that I had to include it; it shows the width vs. height of Yosemite Valley with north/south cross-sections in three locations.

Tuolumne Meadows maps

Tuolumne Meadows mapHere’s a Tuolumne Meadows map (350 kb) from 2015 that includes shuttle bus stops (summer only). Note that this map isn’t to scale, but is modified for easier reading – it’s originally from the park newspaper.

Yosemite Tuolumne Meadows mapThis Tuolumne Meadows map (270 kb) includes topographic lines and is to scale, so you can more accurately judge the distances between places than the map above (although it is a bit harder to read).

Ahwahnee Hotel maps

Ahwahnee Hotel mapThe simple Ahwahnee map (130 kb) labels the main features of the Ahwahnee Hotel grounds without getting too bogged down in additional detail. For more detail, see the maps below.

Ahwahnee Hotel mapHere’s an Ahwahnee Hotel map (850 kb), showing the grounds and buildings of the complex. This can help you navigate the network of trails that winds through the Ahwahnee area.

Ahwahnee vista mapHere’s a vista map of the Ahwahnee (900 kb), showing locations of various viewpoints toward famous Yosemite features such as Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, Glacier Point, and Royal Arch Cascade.

Note that as of 2017, the Ahwahnee is temporarily known as the “Majestic Yosemite Hotel.”

Wawona maps

Yosemite Wawona mapThis Wawona map (150 kb) is from the Yosemite park newspaper and is therefore designed to be simple and easy to read, even if it isn’t quite to scale. The maps below are to scale if you need that accuracy.

Yosemite Wawona mapThe simple Wawona map (120 kb) shows the entire Wawona area, including NPS facilities, but in very simple detail with no topographic lines – you can view or download more complex ones below.

Yosemite Wawona Hotel mapThe simple Wawona Hotel map (130 kb) provides a nice easy-to-read overview of the Wawona Hotel grounds out to the Merced River; a more detailed one is available immediately below.

Wawona Hotel mapHere’s a Wawona Hotel map (1.1 mb), showing a site plan of the Wawona Hotel grounds with a focus on the historic Yosemite National Park features, including buildings no longer standing.

Yosemite Wawona area mapThis is a Wawona area map (1.3 mb), including the Wawona Hotel, golf course, and other historic features along with the dates they were built. This highly-detailed map is to scale and very accurate.

Pioneer Yosemite history center mapThis is a Pioneer Yosemite History Center map (350 kb), showing the pedestrian walkways and historic structures of the village in the Wawona area along the South Fork of the Merced River.

Please note that as of 2017, the Wawona Hotel is temporarily known as the “Big Trees Lodge.”

Yosemite lodging maps

Yosemite is a huge park, with hundreds of lodging options in nearby towns depending on which way you enter the park. Below I’ll summarize the advantages and disadvantages of staying in each area, including links to Hotels.com interactive lodging maps on the right.

Interactive Yosemite Groveland lodging mapFrom the northwest you enter on Highway 120 through the Big Oak Flat entrance. This area gives you good access to the Hetch Hetchy part of Yosemite and decent access to Tioga Road, although it’ll make for a long drive to see the Mariposa Grove of giant sequoias, (check out the smaller Tuolumne Grove instead). Here’s Expedia’s top-rated Big Oak Flat entrance lodging (and Hotels.com’s) to compare reviews and photos.

Interactive Yosemite Mariposa lodging mapFrom the west you enter on Highway 140 through the towns of Mariposa and El Portal. While the map to the right centers on Mariposa, you can scroll northeast a bit to also bring El Portal into view. Here’s Expedia’s top Mariposa lodging (and Hotels.com’s) which has the most options. Or check out the top El Portal lodging, which provides much faster access to Yosemite Valley (but at generally a higher price with less selection).

Interactive Yosemite Oakhurst lodging mapFrom the south, Highway 41 brings you into Yosemite. The largest concentration of hotels is in Oakhurst, but if you scroll north on the map you’ll also find options in Fish Camp. This area is great for visiting the Mariposa Grove of giant sequoias, but makes for a particularly poor choice to visit Tuolumne Meadows and Tioga Road. Here are Expedia’s top south entrance lodging (and Hotels.com’s) to find the best fit for you.

Interactive Yosemite East lodging mapFrom the east, Highway 120 via 395 brings you to Tioga Pass — Yosemite’s east entrance. From near to far, your towns are Lee Vining, June Lake, and Mammoth Lakes. I’ve centered this map on June Lake, so zoom out and scroll to view other areas. These are great places to stay to see Tuolumne Meadows, but are quite far from Yosemite Valley. Browse Expedia’s east entrance lodging (or Hotels.com’s) to find your best fit.

Yosemite camping maps

Yosemite National Park campground map thumbnailThis is a Yosemite campgrounds map. This map removes extraneous detail so it’s easy to see the campgrounds’ locations. Click the image to view a full size JPG (400 kb) or download the PDF (2.0 mb).

Yosemite Camp 4 mapThe Camp 4 map (120 kb) shows this year-round walk-in campground in Yosemite Valley with shared campsites, especially popular with climbers. Are you ready to get in line by 6am?

Yosemite Upper Pines Campground mapHere’s an Upper Pines Campground map (40 kb), showing the largest campground in Yosemite Valley and the only Valley campground besides Camp 4 open all year. (It’ll be very chilly in the winter, however!)

Yosemite Lower Pines Campground mapThis is a Lower Pines Campground map (30 kb), showing the campground located along the Merced River just north of Curry Village. This campground closes in the winter months.

Yosemite North Pines Campground mapThe North Pines Campground map (20 kb) shows my favorite campground in Yosemite Valley, smaller and quieter than the others and located along the Merced River.

Yosemite Wawona Campground mapHere’s the Wawona Campground map (90 kb), showing the year-round campground located in Wawona near the south entrance of Yosemite. This is your nearest campground to the Mariposa Grove.

Yosemite Hodgdon Meadow Campground mapThe Hodgdon Meadow Campground map (50 kb) shows the year-round campground located inside the northwest entrance where visitors arrive from Highway 120 (the most direct route from San Francisco).

Yosemite Tuolumne Meadows Campground mapThe Tuolumne Meadows Campground map (130 kb) shows the enormous campground located near the Tuolumne River and many trailheads along Tioga Road. This beautiful campground is very popular!

Yosemite Crane Flat Campground mapThe Crane Flat Campground map (80 kb) shows this centrally-located campground that provides reasonable access to both Yosemite Valley and Tuolumne Meadows. It accepts reservations during the summer.

Yosemite Bridalveil Creek Campground mapThe Bridalveil Creek Campground map (40 kb) focuses on the only campground located along the Glacier Point Road, where it’s cooler and quieter than Yosemite Valley with easy access to Glacier Point.

Yosemite Tamarack Flat Campground mapThe Tamarack Flat Campground map (40 kb) shows Tioga Road’s nearest first-come first-served campground to Yosemite Valley. It’s also the lowest elevation Tioga Road campground.

Yosemite White Wolf Campground mapThe White Wolf Campground map (40 kb) shows this campground located nearby the White Wolf Lodge, located off a quieter side road that goes north from Tioga Road.

Yosemite Creek Campground mapHere’s a Yosemite Creek Campground map (50 kb), showing this campground located at the end of an unpaved road that provides a quiet, relaxed camping experience. Be prepared for a drive to Yosemite Valley!

Yosemite Porcupine Flat Campground mapThis Porcupine Flat Campground map (70 kb) shows the basic self-service campground located right alongside Tioga Road near Tuolumne Meadows. This is much closer to Tuolumne than Yosemite Valley.

Yosemite picnic maps

Yosemite picnic areas mapThis Yosemite picnic areas map (180 kb) shows all the picnic areas in Yosemite National Park that are not located in Yosemite Valley. (Yosemite Valley gets a separate map below.)

Yosemite Valley picnic area mapHere’s a Yosemite Valley picnic areas map (150 kb), zooming in Yosemite Valley to show the several picnic areas located in this part of the park. Arrive early to get your spot!

Yosemite winter maps

Yosemite National Park Crane Flat winter trails map thumbnailThis Crane Flat winter trails map (350 kb) shows the ski and snowshoe trails near Crane Flat on the Big Oak Flat Road. Check out the Tuolumne Grove to see sequoias surrounded by snow, without the summer crowds.

Yosemite National Park Mariposa Grove winter trails map thumbnailThis is the Mariposa Grove winter trails map (200 kb), showing the ski and snowshoe trails in the Mariposa Grove of giant sequoias. It also labels the main trees and features. (The grove reopens in 2017.)

Yosemite National Park Badger Pass winter trails map thumbnailThis is the Badger Pass winter trails map (600 kb), showing the ski and snowshoe trails along the Glacier Point Road accessible from Badger Pass. Check out Dewey Point for views, or stick to the groomed road to learn.

Badger Pass mapThe Badger Pass map (60 kb) shows a very general outline of the Badger Pass ski area, including lifts, lodge, and parking. If you want a bit more detail on the infrastructure, check out the map below.

Yosemite Badger Pass ski mapThis Badger Pass ski map (1.0 mb) shows the chairlifts, ski runs, lodge, and infrastructure at Badger Pass for cross-country & downhill skiing, including topographic lines to show elevation.

Note that as of 2017, Badger Pass is temporarily known as “Yosemite Ski and Snowboard Area.”

Other Yosemite maps

Glacier Point mapThis Glacier Point map (100 kb) overlays the parking, gift shop, amphitheater, viewpoints, and trails at Glacier Point on topographic lines showing the area’s elevation change.

Hetch Hetchy mapHere’s a Hetch Hetchy map (60 kb) that focuses on the end of the Hetch Hetchy Road: O’Shaughnessy Dam, reservoir, backpackers’ campground, and various buildings and infrastructure.

Yosemite Hodgdon Meadow mapThe Hodgdon Meadow map (60 kb) zooms in on the Old Big Oak Flat Road, showing the Hodgdon Meadow Campground and ranger housing near the Big Oak Flat entrance station.

White Wolf Lodge mapThis White Wolf Lodge map (50 kb) shows the developed area at the end of the White Wolf road (north off Tioga Road), including guest cabins and the main lodge and dining hall.

High Sierra Camp maps

Tuolumne Meadows Lodge mapHere’s a Tuolumne Meadows Lodge map (80 kb) – the lodge doubles as both a High Sierra Camp as well as a lodge, so you’ll see it’s a bit bigger than the other High Sierra Camps below.

Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp mapThis Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp (90 kb) map shows the northernmost camp, nestled along the Tuolumne River just before it enters the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne. A beautiful setting!

May Lake High Sierra Camp mapThe May Lake High Sierra Camp map (40 kb) shows the easily-accessible camp right along the shores of May Lake – just a short walk from the parking area. This makes for a great place to explore Mount Hoffmann.

Sunrise High Sierra Camp mapHere’s a Sunrise High Sierra Camp map (100 kb), showing the camp located midway between May Lake and Merced Lake camps. Sunrise Lakes and some meadows are both close by.

Merced Lake High Sierra Camp mapThis Merced Lake High Sierra Camp map (60 kb) lays out the camp lowest in elevation and nearest to Yosemite Valley (and furthest from Tioga Road). This will be snow-free sooner than the other ones.

Vogelsang High Sierra Camp mapThe Vogelsang High Sierra Camp map (40 kb) shows the highest of the camps, located along Fletcher Creek nearby beautiful alpine meadows and mountains such as Vogelsang Peak.

Yosemite geologic maps

Yosemite geologic mapThis Yosemite geologic map (7.4 mb) covers the entire national park, displaying different granites and rock types underlying Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite Valley, and this whole section of the Sierra Nevada.

Yosemite Valley geologic mapHere’s a Yosemite Valley geologic map (2.5 mb), zooming in on the incredibly dramatic, in-your-face geology of formations such as Half Dome, El Capitan, Cathedral Rocks, and Glacier Point.

Yosemite Valley post-glacial geologic mapThis is a post-glacial geologic map of Yosemite Valley (2.6 mb), featuring the more recent surficial deposits (not bedrock) that make up much of Yosemite Valley’s surface. If you want bedrock, see the previous map.

Yosemite Valley glacial mapThe glacial extent of Yosemite Valley map (2.1 mb) focuses on the most recent glaciations and shows the features and evidence they left behind, such as glacial erratics and moraines.

Yosemite rockfall mapHere’s a (large!) Yosemite Valley rockfall map (7.5 mb), indicating the type of rockfall as well as location and known date of each one in Yosemite Valley. Rockfalls tend to be common in spring and winter.

Yosemite Valley recent rockfall mapThis recent Yosemite rockfall map (100 kb), showing the location and approximate size of each rockfall in Yosemite Valley from 1857 to 2011. If you’re lucky, you’ll see one on your visit!

Historical Yosemite lodging maps

Historic Curry Village mapThis historic Curry Village map (500 kb) shows the haphazard layout of Curry Village – then known as Camp Curry – as it was in 1925. Check out the croquet and tennis courts!

Ahwahnee Hotel map (1925-1942)This 1925-1942 Ahwahnee map (350 kb) shows the hotel’s early days, back when it still included a 9-hole golf course, putting green, and badminton court on its grounds.

Ahwahnee Hotel map (1943-1945)The 1943-1945 Ahwahnee map (350 kb) includes the additions built by the United States Navy when they took it over during World War II for recovering troops to get some R&R.

Yosemite Wawona map (1876-1912)The 1876-1912 Wawona map (1.2 mb) shows the earliest days of the Wawona area, from even before it was a part of Yosemite National Park. Can you imagine stopping in here on your multi-day wagon journey

Yosemite Wawona map (1913-1927)This 1913-1927 Wawona map (1.4 mb) shows some new features that weren’t present on the earlier map, including the Wawona golf course, which still remains to this very day.

Yosemite Wawona map (1928-1939)Here’s a 1928-1939 Wawona map (1.4 mb), where the Wawona grounds really start gaining a resemblance to the layout of the location today. Can you find the differences? Amazingly, there aren’t a lot.

Yosemite map prints and gifts

Yosemite National Park map mugYosemite National Park map posterPrinted high-resolution Yosemite map posters and other products are available at the Yosemite Maps store. For prints, gift ideas, and souvenirs featuring other national parks, support this site and visit the National Park Maps store; you’ll find items to bring on vacation, keep at home for the memories, or give to your park-enthusiast friends and loved ones.

…and more!

Please note: starting March 2016, the National Park Service renamed some locations in the park pending the settlement of a trademark lawsuit. This page and these maps continue to refer to the traditional names, as the site author has faith that the name change will only be temporary.

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