A few new parks

I hope everyone’s been having a good winter holiday season so far! I’m happy to report that I’ve created a few new pages, putting me over 1,200 maps for the first time.

Organ Pipe precipitation mapAlthough it’s not a heavily-visited park — it’s way down on the Mexican border in Arizona — I dug up 11 maps for the Organ Pipe Cactus maps page. Although I wouldn’t recommend a summer visit, the desert can be beautiful in the spring!

Hovenweep National Monument mapI unfortunately don’t have much yet for Hovenweep maps, but I’m hoping I’ll have more soon. There are some incredible parks in this part of the country for those fascinated by human stories – stay tuned for more pages soon.

National Mall mapThe National Mall maps page was a bit tricky, as I couldn’t decide whether to also include parks that are also nearby the Mall even if they’re managed as a separate park unit. In the end, I decided to keep parks like President’s Park (The White House) on separate pages, but with links back and forth for easy access.

3D White House mapWhite House maps gets its own page since I was able to dig up enough different maps that I didn’t want to clog up the National Mall maps page. Technically this should be called “President’s Park maps,” but how many people out there know that President’s Park is the official name for the White House park grounds? For clarity, I decided White House Maps worked much better.