White Sands Maps

If you’re looking for a White Sands map, you’ve come to the right place; currently I’ve collected 11 free White Sands National Monument maps to view and download. (PDF files and external links will open in a new window.) Some of these maps show just specific areas of White Sands, while others show the entire park and the surrounding area in New Mexico. You can also browse the best-selling White Sands maps and guidebooks on Amazon.

White Sands map from the official brochures

White Sands mapHere is the official White Sands National Monument map (1.4 mb), a beautiful map with vivid color showing the park lands and dunes with the San Andres Mountains and prevailing wind and water flows.

White Sands National Monument mapThis is a printable White Sands map, which doesn’t look as nice but is much easier for printing and just showing the park basics. Click the image to view a full size JPG (300 kb) or download the PDF (800 kb).

White Sands detail maps

White Sands Dunes Drive mapThis Dunes Drive map shows the main road of White Sands National Monument and the various points of interest and parking areas. Click the image to view a full size GIF (150 kb) or download the PDF (400 kb).

White Sands backcountry camping mapThe White Sands backcountry camping map (50 kb) shows the ten backcountry campsites you can stay in if you want to sleep out in the sand under the stars. It’s definitely an experience to remember!

White Sands lodging map

White Sands lodging mapFor visiting White Sands, you pretty much need to stay in Alamogordo if you want to be anywhere nearby. To the right is a Hotels.com interactive lodging map of Alamogordo, showing you the various options (all lined up!). You can filter by price on the map, but you might want to start by browsing Expedia’s top-rated White Sands lodging (or Hotels.com’s) to compare guest reviews, photos, and prices.

White Sands regional maps

White Sands regional mapHere’s a White Sands regional map (130 kb) that shows the various highways you can take to arrive at White Sands from Alamogordo or Las Cruces in New Mexico or El Paso in Texas.

White Sands regional camping mapThis is a regional camping map (250 kb) showing the nearby campgrounds located outside the park. You’ll find these to be a mix of private campgrounds, state parks, national forest, and BLM land.

New Mexico national parks mapThis New Mexico national parks map (50 kb) shows all national park sites in New Mexico as well as the major highways and cities that are located nearby. Who knew New Mexico had so many?

White Sands geologic maps

White Sands regional geologic mapHere’s a White Sands regional geologic map (1.3 mb), showing a general overview of the White Sands region and San Andres Mountains; view the map below to see the individual units labeled.

White Sands geologic mapThis White Sands detail geologic map (1.1 mb) zooms in on the park area itself with text labels for the units. You’ll need to view the map above, however, to see the legend that explains what each rock layer is.

White Sands dunes mapThe White Sands dunes map (1.0 mb) labels the sand dunes types and plots them in relation to the roads and national monument visitor center. Did you know there were so many types of dunes?

…and more!

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