Theodore Roosevelt Maps

If you’re looking for a Theodore Roosevelt map, you’ve come to the right place; currently I’ve collected 11 free Theodore Roosevelt National Park maps to view and download. (PDF files and external links will open in a new window.) You’ll find here some trail maps, campground maps, and full-park maps that show each of the units of the national park. You can also browse the best-selling Theodore Roosevelt maps and guidebooks on Amazon.

Theodore Roosevelt map from the brochures

Theodore Roosevelt South Unit mapThis is the official map of the south unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, featuring the Medora Visitor Center and Painted Canyon area. Click the image to view a full size JPG (250 kb) or download the PDF (800 kb).

Theodore Roosevelt North Unit mapThis is the official map of the north unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, featuring the visitor center, campgrounds, and trails. Click the image to view a full size JPG (200 kb) or download the PDF (700 kb).

Theodore Roosevelt regional mapHere is a regional map (150 kb) of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, showing its location in reference to I-94, other major roads, other national park sites, and towns in this area of western North Dakota.

Theodore Roosevelt trail maps

Purchase trail map from AmazonPurchase trail map from AmazonThere are two units in Theodore Roosevelt National Park – the South Unit is near I-94 and the North Unit is, well, north. Most visitors are just passing through and don’t spend much time in Theodore Roosevelt, but if you’re planning on staying and hiking the park’s extensive trail networks, the National Geographic Trails Illustrated map is indispensible since it shows the topographic lines. A must-have if you’re out on the trails!

Theodore Roosevelt hiking map north unitThis is a Theodore Roosevelt hiking map (300 kb) of the north unit, featuring the trails and trail mileages near the Juniper Campground and picnic area, down the road from the North Unit Visitor Center.

Theodore Roosevelt hiking map south unitHere’s a Theodore Roosevelt hiking map (300 kb) of the south unit, located closest to I-94, the Painted Canyon area, and the town of Medora. This is the busiest part of the national park.

Elkhorn Ranch map

Theodore Roosevelt Elkhorn Ranch mapThis is a Elkhorn Ranch map (360 kb), which shows the Maah Daah Hey Trail and related campsites in this very remote, undeveloped section of the park.

Theodore Roosevelt lodging map

Theodore Roosevelt lodging mapThis is probably not the most stunning revelation, but rural North Dakota tends not to have a huge variety of places to stay. The town of Medora has a couple choices; use the interactive lodging map to the right to see that, well, there’s really nothing else around! You’ll find more options to the east in Dickinson. Browse Expedia’s top-rated Theodore Roosevelt lodging (or’s) to compare your options.

Theodore Roosevelt campground maps

Theodore Roosevelt Juniper Campground mapHere’s a map of Juniper Campground (100 kb), the campground located along the Scenic Drive in the quieter, more isolated north unit of the park. You’ll find about 50 campsites along the Little Missouri.

Theodore Roosevelt Cottonwood Campground mapThis is a Cottonwood Campground map (30 kb), located in the busier south unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park along the Little Missouri River. It labels restrooms, water, and the different types of campsites.

Theodore Roosevelt geologic maps

Theodore Roosevelt geologic map (south)The Theodore Roosevelt geologic map (1.7 mb) of the south unit focuses on the most visited area of the park near the Medora Visitor Center and along I-94.

Theodore Roosevelt geologic map (north)Here’s a north unit geologic map (1.3 mb) of Theodore Roosevelt, which in particular highlights the rock layers that surround the very obvious Little Missouri River channel.

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