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If you’re looking for a Sequoia map, you’ve come to the right place; currently I’ve collected 23 free Sequoia National Park maps to view and download. (PDF files and external links will open in a new window.) Mostly here I have maps of all the campgrounds, but also some detail maps as well as trails and shuttle buses. You can also browse the best-selling Sequoia maps and guidebooks on Amazon.

Note that Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are actually managed together as one park with one entrance fee. Therefore, this page contains maps for both Sequoia and Kings Canyon.

Sequoia map from the park brochures

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park mapThis is the official Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park map, showing all of both Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park. Click the image to view a full size JPG (1.9 mb) or download the PDF (1.3 mb).

The full park map is also available as a high-quality art poster print from the NPMaps Sequoia store.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon detail mapThis is a detail map of Sequoia and Kings Canyon showing the park’s roads in greater detail than the map above. Click the image to view a full size JPG (850 kb) or download the PDF (4.2 mb).

Sequoia and Kings Canyon regional mapThis is regional map of Sequoia and Kings Canyon, showing the two parks in relation to Yosemite, Fresno, Visalia, and Three Rivers. Click the image to view a full size GIF (100 kb) or download the PDF (100 kb).

Sequoia and Kings Canyon trail maps

Purchase trail map from AmazonPurchase trail map from AmazonIf you’re planning on doing any long hikes over overnight trips, you’ll want a detailed trail map like the National Geographic Trails Illustrated map. One Trails Illustrated map will cover all of Sequoia and Kings Canyon’s wilderness area. Also exceptional are the Tom Harrison maps, especially ones focused on specific areas of the backcountry such as the Kings Canyon High Country map and the Mt. Whitney High Country map.

Sequoia Giant Forest mapThis Giant Forest trail map (400 kb) is on the wayside sign in front of the Giant Forest Museum. It shows the extensive network of trails through the Giant Forest, including General Sherman Tree and the Congress Trail.

Sequoia Foothills trail mapThis is a Foothills trail map of Sequoia National Park (100 kb). It shows the popular trails in the Foothills district, which is popular during the non-summer months. (It’s really, really hot during the summer!)

Giant Forest maps

General Sherman Tree infographicAlthough not exactly a map, I believe this General Sherman Tree infographic (700 kb) is interesting enough to warrant inclusion on this page. You know I’m right! Look for it on a wayside when you visit the park.

Giant Forest Museum mapHere’s a Giant Forest Museum map (200 kb), zooming in on the area immediately surrounding the museum. This map can be found on a wayside sign at the start of the Big Trees Trail at Round Meadow.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon road and shuttle maps

Sequoia and Kings Canyon printable mapThis is another road map of Sequoia and Kings Canyon (250 kb). This map is more suitable for printing than the above full-park maps since it does not have terrain shading and works well in grayscale ink.

Sequoia National Park shuttle mapThis is a bus map of Sequoia National Park’s shuttles (50 kb), which operate during the summer months. It shows all bus stops including the General Sherman Tree, Moro Rock, Lodgepole, and the Wuksachi Lodge.

Sequoia lodging map

Interactive Sequoia lodging mapThe closest town to Giant Forest and most of the major sites of Sequoia National Park is Three Rivers; to the right you will find a interactive lodging map that focuses on hotels in the Three Rivers area. There are also some lodging options you’ll find inside the park and in the national forest if you zoom out and scroll the map. Or, browse Expedia’s top Sequoia lodging (or’s) to compare prices and reviews.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon campground maps

The following is a listing of campgrounds located in both Sequoia and Kings Canyon; they are listed from south to north.

sequoia-kings-canyon-atwell-mill-campground-map-thumbThis is an Atwell Mill campground map (40 kb), open during the summer months along the Mineral King Road in Sequoia National Park. This is a very isolated part of Sequoia National Park down a rough road.

Sequoia Cold Springs campground mapThis is a Cold Springs campground map (50 kb), open during the summer months in Mineral King (very remote!) in Sequoia National Park. You probably won’t be going here unless you’re a hardcore visitor!

Sequoia Potwisha campground mapThis is a Potwisha campground map (70 kb), open all year and located along the Generals Highway in the low elevation Foothills district in Sequoia National Park. It’ll be hot during the summer!

Sequoia Buckeye Flat campground mapThis is a Buckeye Flat campground map (60 kb), open seasonally (summers) along the Generals Highway in the low elevation Foothills district in Sequoia National Park.

Sequoia Lodgepole campground mapThis is a Lodgepole campground map. Lodgepole is the closest campground to Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park. Click the image to view a full size JPG (300 kb) or download the PDF (400 kb).

Sequoia Dorst Creek campground mapThis is a Dorst Creek campground map (150 kb), located north of Lodgepole along the Generals Highway. This high-elevation campground stays cool during summer compared to the foothills.

Kings Canyon Sunset campground mapThis is a Sunset Campground map (100 kb), open summers with over 100 sites and located near Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park. This is another high-elevation forested campground.

Kings Canyon Azalea campground mapThis is an Azalea Campground map (100 kb), located near Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park. It is Kings Canyon’s only all-year campground, with pleasant temperatures in summer (snow in winter).

Kings Canyon Crystal Springs campground mapThis is a Crystal Springs Campground map (75 kb), open summers and also located near Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park. All the campgrounds listed after this are in the Cedar Grove area.

Kings Canyon Sheep Creek campground mapThis is a Sheep Creek Campground map (100 kb), located near Cedar Grove in Kings Canyon National Park. This campground and the following are lower elevation campgrounds in Kings Canyon proper.

Kings Canyon Sentinel campground mapThis is a Sentinel Campground map (100 kb), located at Cedar Grove in Kings Canyon National Park. It is in the canyon itself and not near the sequoias. You’ll find warmer temperatures here than Grant Grove.

Kings Canyon Canyon View campground mapThis is a Canyon View Campground map (75 kb), located near Cedar Grove in Kings Canyon. This is a group campground only. (Personally I find it nice to separate out the larger groups from family campers.)

Kings Canyon Moraine campground mapThis is a Moraine Campground map (100 kb), located furthest east of all the Cedar Grove area campgrounds in Kings Canyon National Park, nearest to Road’s End and furthest from the village and visitor center.

Other Sequoia maps

Sequoia range mapHere’s a sequoia range map (20 kb), showing the only places on Earth where giant sequoia trees grow naturally. You can see how the range differs from redwoods, which grow only on the Pacific coast.

Sequoia map prints and gifts

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