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If you’re looking for an Olympic map, you’ve come to the right place; currently I’ve collected 31 free Olympic National Park maps to view and download. (PDF files and external links will open in a new window.) This page has detail maps for every visitor destination in the park, as well as a couple general overview maps. You can also browse the best-selling Olympic maps and guidebooks on Amazon.

Olympic map from the park brochures

Olympic National Park map thumbnailThis is the main Olympic National Park map showing roads, trails, campgrounds, rivers, peaks, and visitor services. Click the image to view a full size JPG (2 mb) or download the PDF (26!! mb).

The full park map is also available as a high-quality art poster print from the NPMaps Olympic store.

Olympic National Park regional map thumbnailThis Olympic regional map (200 kb) shows the surrounding roads and communities and can help you plan your trip logistics (driving directions, lodging, etc.) as you arrive from Seattle or another major town.

Olympic trail and detail maps

Purchase trail map from AmazonPurchase trail map from AmazonThe Olympic wilderness is huge, so if you’re doing overnight backpacking you’ll need something more detailed than the free maps posted below. The National Geographic Trails Illustrated map covers most of the park in much more detail than you’ll find in the free ones. Even better are the Custom Correct maps, but they are so detailed they only cover small areas, so you may need a few to cover your exact backcountry route.


Olympic Hurricane Ridge MapThis is a detail map of the Hurricane Ridge area (200 kb) south of Port Angeles – one of the most popular destinations in Olympic National Park for its amazing views of Mount Olympus and other mountain peaks.

Olympic Hurricane Ridge winter mapHere is a Hurricane Ridge winter map (800 kb), showing the ski and snowshoe trails, downhill ski area, and winter road closures. It also includes topo lines so you can get a sense for elevation gain on the trails.

Olympic Heart O The Hills MapThis is the Heart O’ the Hills map (40 kb), showing the five loops of the Heart O’ The Hills Campground and hiking trails located along the Hurricane Ridge Road south of Port Angeles.

Olympic Elwha mapHere is an Elwha River map (175 kb), showing the facilities and campgrounds located along the river, including the former dam sites. Check with the park for the latest info about campground closures.

Olympic Lake Crescent MapThis map of the Lake Crescent area (70 kb) shows the points of interest in the northern part of Olympic National Park where US 101 parallels Lake Crescent: picnic areas, hiking trails, camping, and so on.

Olympic Lake Crescent Detail MapThis is the inset map showing the south shore of Lake Crescent (70 kb); this covers the area shown as “see area detail on back” in the map above, including the Storm King Ranger Station and vicinity.

Olympic Sol Duc MapThe Sol Duc area map (90 kb) is in the northwest part of Olympic National Park. This map shows the Sol Duc Road (leading to the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort)  and trails and points of interest along the way.

Olympic Sol Duc Detail MapThis is the inset map of Sol Duc (70 kb) labeled as”see area detail on back” in the previous map. It shows Sol Duc Falls, the resort, Eagle Ranger Station, and trails leading to Sol Duc Park, Deer Lake, and more.

Olympic Seven Lakes Loop mapHere is a Seven Lakes Loop map (80 kb) – a very popular backpacking route into Seven Lakes Basin accessed from Sol Duc. This map shows both individual backcountry campsites as well as group sites.

Olympic Deer Park MapThis is a detail map of the Deer Park area (30 kb) in the northeast corner of Olympic National Park, showing the trails, roads, parking, viewpoints, toilets, and the Deer Park Ranger Station.


Olympic Kalaloch MapThis is a detail map of the Kalaloch area (50 kb), showing beach and ocean access (including Ruby Beach) where US 101 parallels the coast in Olympic National Park. See the map below for detail around the lodge.

Olympic Kalaloch Detail MapThis is the inset map of Kalaloch (50 kb) covering the area shown as “see area detail” on the map above (Kalaloch Campground, Kalaloch Lodge, and the ranger station and hiking trails).

Olympic Mora MapThis map shows the Mora area (70 kb), including Rialto Beach, La Push, and the various resorts, roads, and trails on this section of Pacific coast a bit further north than Kalaloch in Olympic National Park.

Olympic Mora Detail MapThis is a zoom in on the “see detail on back” described in the previous map, showing the Mora campground (40 kb), ranger station, and trails to the beach, James Pond, and the Slough Trail.

Olympic Ozette MapThis is a detail map of the Ozette area (50 kb) on the Olympic coast. It shows Ozette Lake, Ozette Ranger Station, and the trails, roads, and points of interest nearby such as Cape Alava and Sand Point.

Olympic Ozette Detail MapThis is an inset map of the Ozette Ranger Station (30 kb), referenced as “see details on back” in the Ozette map above and showing the campground, parking, trails, and stores.

Olympic Cape Alava camping mapHere is a Cape Alava camping map (120 kb), showing the designated camping areas along the beach (individual sites and group sites) and outhouses. This is accessed from Lake Ozette.

Olympic Sand Point camping mapHere is a Sand Point camping map (180 kb), showing legal camping areas around Sand Point, located south of Cape Alava. This map also shows the size of each campsite and locations of outhouses.


Olympic Hoh Rain Forest MapThis Hoh Rain Forest detail map (50 kb) shows the visitor center, trails, campground, and points of interest along the Hoh River in western Olympic National Park.

Olympic Queets MapThis is a map of the Queets area (80 kb) in southwest Olympic National Park, showing the road, trails, camping, and points of interest along the Queets River in this quiet part of Olympic.

Olympic Quinault MapThis is a Quinault Rain Forest area map (50 kb) in southwest Olympic, showing the campgrounds, hiking trails, and visitor centers near the Quinault River and Lake Quinault.

Olympic Quinault Detail MapThis map shows the Quinault Ranger Station detail (40 kb), described as “see detail on back” in the map above. Here you’ll find a couple trails nearby Kestner Creek.


Olympic Staircase MapThis is a detail map of the Staircase area (50 kb) in the southwest corner of Olympic National Park. It shows the trails, campground, ranger station, roads, and picnic areas.

Olympic Staircase Detail MapThis map zooms in on the Staircase Ranger Station (50 kb) where it says “see area detail on back” on the map above. You can see the campground layout, parking areas, and trail details.

Olympic Flapjack Lakes camping mapHere is a Flapjack Lakes camping map (80 kb), showing the designated camping areas, outhouses, and bear wires near Flapjack Lakes, accessed from the Staircase area.

Olympic lodging map

Interactive Olympic lodging mapMany Olympic visitors stay in Port Angeles; to the right you’ll find a Hotels.com interactive lodging map centered there. Port Angeles is quite convenient for visiting Hurricane Ridge and other northern Olympic sights; here you can see top-rated Olympic lodging on Expedia. If you’re more interested in visiting the Hoh Rain Forest and the coast, you might instead want to browse Hotels.com best-rated Forks/Kalaloch lodging.

Olympic wilderness map

Olympic National Park wilderness camping map thumbnailThis is an Olympic wilderness map showing trails and wilderness campsites in the backcountry. Click the image to view a full size JPG (3 mb) or download the PDF (1.3 mb).

Various Olympic maps

Olympic fire mapHere’s an Olympic fire history map (1.1 mb), showing the location and size of fires in recent human history. Note how most are on the east side of the park, which receives much less rain than the west side.

Olympic National Park historical map thumbnailThis Olympic historical map (150 kb) shows the park in 1952. Note certain roads that no longer exist, and roads that have since been built (Hurricane Ridge has one of each).

Olympic map prints and gifts

Olympic National Park map mugOlympic National Park map posterPrinted high-resolution Olympic map posters and other products are available at the Olympic Maps store. For prints, gift ideas, and souvenirs featuring other national parks, support this site and visit the National Park Maps store; you’ll find items to bring on vacation, keep at home for the memories, or give to your park-enthusiast friends and loved ones.

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