New parks and features

Hey, look at that! Just a week since my last update. I know web traffic will be picking up as we get close to summer, so I’m trying to make a number of behind-the-scenes tweaks and fixes to make sure things are working smoothly. I’ve added a few pages since the last update:

Santa Fe Trail mapHere’s a completely brand new type of page: National Trails maps. The National Park Service manages a bunch of National Scenic and National Historic trails, many of which extend through several states. Instead of creating each trail on a separate page (which I will likely get to later), for now I put them all on a single page together. I quite like it – these are some very large maps that are fun to scroll through and study.

Haleakala mapI created another new page that didn’t result in me adding new maps… but I had fun anyway picking out a selection for the My Favorite Maps page. To be honest, I don’t really have any strong reason for creating this page; no one’s been asking me, “Hey, what are your favorite maps?” Really, it just came down to the fact that I really love maps and wanted to call special attention to those I thought were really well done. What more reason can you need?

Canyon de Chelly mapI’m making more progress on Arizona parks, with Canyon de Chelly maps finally going live. This is a unique park managed in cooperation with Navajo Parks and Recreation, as it is on tribal land.

Walnut Canyon trail mapAnd yes, I did complete the last of the three Flagstaff-area parks with Walnut Canyon maps. Did you know that Walnut Canyon is managed with Sunset Crater and Wupatki as effectively one park? (Now you know.)

Finally, I put up an In The News page. I’m not really a big fan of talking about myself and rather enjoy semi-anonymity, but I know from emails I’ve received that people are curious. So you can browse through some articles that featured this┬ásite if you want to learn more.