A bunch of small updates

First, I’m sorry the updates have gotten a bit slow lately – it’s summer! I’m not fancy enough to make my living off the web, so I work a regular full-time job and put in time on this site when I have free time. So when the weather is nice and it’s hiking and camping season, I’m outside soaking up the mountains and sun rather than sitting on my laptop on the couch. I hope you understand! (If you’re reading this site, there’s a good chance you’re same way.)

Anyway, I just wanted to let you in on a number of small updates I’ve done recently:

Lassen Butte Lake Campground mapI replaced the campground maps on the Lassen Volcanic maps page – the new ones are much clearer and higher quality, making it easier to find your campsite of choice.

Death Valley National Park mapI uploaded a couple new full-park Death Valley maps that are better looking than the previous ones and have been revised in the last few months. Check them out – they’re the first two maps listed on the page.

Canyonlands terrain mapI uploaded some beautiful terrain maps to the Glacier maps and Canyonlands maps pages. They’re not as useful for navigation, but they look so nice and I can’t help staring at them and plotting trips.

Yosemite panorama mapI added some amazing looking Heinrich Berann map paintings to a few parks: Yosemite, Yellowstone, North Cascades, and Denali. Again, like the terrain maps above, they’re not meant to be printed and taken with you in the car; instead they’re better for getting a visual perspective of what the parks are like.

Again, I appreciate your patience; once the summer starts wrapping up and the weather cools down, expect more substantial updates to come!