Over 200 new maps!

Since my last update post about six weeks ago, I’ve added a grand total of…… one new park page. That doesn’t seem like much. But that’s because I’ve been busy hard at work adding over 200 new maps to parks I’ve previously created pages for. That’s right – I don’t just put up a page once and consider it finished; I continually add more and more maps to each page as I discover additional maps.

So clearly, there’s way too many updates for me to list here, as the majority of my map pages have been updated with new ones. In particular, you’ll find a ton of new geologic maps, for those like me who geek out on geology. I’m now at 1,454 maps and looking forward to crossing the 1,500 milestone soon.

Manzanar map previewSo, what’s the single new page? One of the most important and relevant park sites for today’s world: Manzanar National Historic Site, an internment camp where Japanese-Americans were sent during Word War II. Check out the eight maps I’ve got on the Manzanar Maps page to plan your visit soon and make sure nothing like this ever happens again in the United States.