Lassen Volcanic Maps

If you’re looking for a Lassen Volcanic map, you’ve come to the right place; currently I’ve collected 20 free Lassen Volcanic National Park maps to view and download. (PDF files and external links will open in a new window.) On this page you’ll find some maps the cover the entire park as well as a bunch that zoom in on specific campgrounds and hiking trail areas. You can also browse the best-selling Lassen Volcanic maps and guidebooks on Amazon.

Lassen Volcanic map from the park brochure

Lassen Volcanic National Park mapThis is the official Lassen Volcanic map from the brochure, showing the roads, campgrounds, and trails. Click the image to view a full size JPG (800 kb) or download the PDF (1.2 mb).

Lassen Volcanic trail maps

Purchase Lassen map from AmazonPurchase Lassen map from AmazonThe maps below work great for short hikes when you don’t have to worry about navigation. However, if you’re doing anything longer than just a couple miles and want a trail map to cover the entire park, you should probably grab a National Geographic Trails Illustrated map, which includes trail mileages between each junction and topographic lines. Much better for peace of mind while hiking!

Lassen Juniper Lake trail mapThe Juniper Lake area trail map (450 kb) features the map located on a wayside exhibit sign at the Juniper Lake trailhead, with routes to Mount Harkness, Horseshoe Lake, Snag Lake, and other locations.

Lassen Mill Creek Falls trail mapThis is a Mill Creek Falls trail map (130 kb), leading from the Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center and southwest entrance station to Crumbaugh Lake and Cold Boiling Lake via Mill Creek Falls.

Lassen Devils Kitchen trail mapThis is a Devils Kitchen trail map (60 kb), showing the hike near Hot Springs Creek and Drakesbad Guest Ranch off the Warner Valley Road – a separate entrance to the southern part of Lassen.

Lassen Manzanita Lake winter trail mapThis is a winter trail map of Manzanita Lake (80 kb), showing the trails around the lake and Manzanita Lake Campground near the northwest entrance station and Loomis Plaza (the museum is closed during winter).

Lassen Volcanic road maps

Lassen Volcanic regional road mapHere is a Lassen regional road map (100 kb), showing access to the park from I-5 via Redding and Red Bluff from the west. Highways going north, east, and north are also shown on this map.

Lassen Volcanic highway mapThis is a Lassen Volcanic highway map (450 kb), showing highlights and points of interest in a self-guided auto tour along the main park road. This auto tour is described in a southwest to northwest direction.

Various Lassen maps

Lassen Bumpass Hell mapThe Bumpass Hell cutaway map (900 kb) helps explain the geologic processes that result in Bumpass Hell, Lassen Peak, Devils Kitchen, Boiling Springs Lake, and other points of interest in the park.

Lassen geologic mapHere’s a Lassen geologic map (2.7 mb), showing both the recent volcanic surficial deposits as well as some of the older bedrock near Lassen Peak, overlaid on a shaded terrain view of the national park.

Lassen Volcanic campground maps

Lassen Volcanic campground mapHere is a map of all Lassen campgrounds (200 kb). The maps below are arranged south-to-north along the main highway and clockwise throughout the rest of the park, accessed from different roads.

Lassen Southwest Walk-in Campground mapThe Southwest Walk-in Campground map (125 kb) shows the walk-in tent sites located adjacent to the Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center, just inside the southwest entrance station.

Lassen South Summit Lake Campground mapThe south Summit Lake Campground map (100 kb) shows the southern part of Summit Lake Campground, featuring both reservation and first-come first-serve sites. Trails from the campground loops are shown.

Lassen North Summit Lake Campground mapHere’s the north Summit Lake Campground map (100 kb) shows the reservable B loop, the first-come first-served A loop, and the trail to Echo Lake. You’ll also see an inset map showing the south campground.

Lassen Lost Creek Group Campground mapThe Lost Creek Group Campground (50 kb) has eight campsites for groups of 10-25 campers and is located near the Devastated Area. Reservations are necessary to camp in Lost Creek.

Lassen Manzanita Lake Campground mapHere’s the Manzanita Lake Campground map (200 kb), the northernmost campground on the main highway and largest in the park. This map shows each of the loops with restrooms, water, and camper services.

Lassen Butte Lake Campground mapThe Butte Lake Campground map (120 kb) is in the northeast corner of the park and has 100 campsites accessed by a remote gravel road (RVs up to 35 feet). Water and restrooms are available here.

Lassen Juniper Lake Campground mapThe Juniper Lake Campground map (50 kb) has 18 sites located in the remote southeast corner of the park; there’s no potable water available, so make sure you bring your own!

Lassen Warner Valley Campground mapThe remote Warner Valley Campground map (150 kb) is located down a rough gravel road in the southern part of the park (trailers are not recommended). This map includes restrooms and trailheads.

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