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Thanks to everyone who has discovered and shared my web site! I started this as a side project when I had free time, and have been pleased to see it grow as more find it. Below I’ve linked to a selection of articles that have featured NPMaps. If you want to write a feature, I am happy to answer your questions; I can be reached via my Contact page.

Map lovers and fans of national parks: Meet your new favorite website
Mother Nature Network | April 14, 2017 (originally published June 8, 2016)

This Website is Home to More than 1400 National Park Maps
Gear Institute | March 28, 2017

Find cool trail maps and more for hiking Michigan’s national parks | March 27, 2017

Browse & Download 1,198 Free High Resolution Maps of U.S. National Parks
Open Culture | November 23, 2016

Interview: Matt Holly of NPMaps
Modern Hiker | July 15, 2016

What Makes A Map Beautiful, According To A Parks Ranger
Fast Company Co.Design | June 28, 2016

US National Park ranger uploads more than 1000 free maps
Lonely Planet | June 17, 2016

Every National Park Map Now Digitized For Your Convenience
Blue Ridge Outdoors | June 15, 2016

Website Offers National Parks Maps for Free
Adventure Journal | June 10, 2016

Every National Park Map Now Available Online, Free
Teton Gravity Research | June 9, 2016

This Digital Library Contains 1000 National Park Maps
Mental Floss | June 8, 2016

Park Ranger Releases 1,000+ National Park Maps For Free
Unofficial Networks | June 8, 2016

Browse More Than 1,000 National Park Maps, All in One Place
Atlantic CityLab | June 7, 2016

Ranger uploads more than 1,000 National Park maps for your enjoyment
Oregon Live | June 7, 2016

Want to Browse Some National Park Maps? There’s a Site For That | May 9, 2016

Enthusiast Builds Website To Collect, Share Free National Park Maps
National Parks Traveler | May 1, 2016